The Good Enough Mine

Underground Tour

501 Toughnut St, Tombstone Az


The Original Silver Mine that founded Tombstone

Guided Tours are conducted daily


Monday - Friday  11:10; 12:10; 1:10; 2:10; 3:10

Saturday - 10:10; 11:10; 12:10; 1:10; 2:10; 3:10; 4:10

Sunday -   10:10; 11:10; 12:10; 1:10; 2:10; 3:10; 4:10


Adults  -  $15.00

Military - $12.00

Children 8-18 - $7.50

Children under 8 - Free

Discounts available for Group, clubs, schools, and other spelunkers


For More Information call (520) 255-5553


The Toughnut Mine Tour Adventure

It's a half-mile hike underground. You will climb. You will crawl. Spend 2.5 hours exploring the crown jewel of the Tombstone Miling District. You can expect to see areas that have never been seen by the general public until now. Huge open spaces (stopes) where silver deposits were mined. Georgeous minerals and artifacts that were left behind by the miners 130 years ago. You'll march down long tunnels, climb ladders, crawl through tight spaces, and see areas that have been left untouched. Not for the timid, claustrophobic, or physically unfit. Wear long pants, hiking shoes, and gloves. You'll need a good headlight or flashlight. If you have a helmet that you like, such as a bicycle helmet, bring it. Otherwise you can use our hard hats. Don't forget your camera.

You must be at least 10 years old to particate.

Call Shirley at (520) 255-5553 for reservations or come see us at the Good Enough Mine Tour ticket booth at 5th and Toughnut


Join us for the most unique underground experience ever.

The Girard System Extreme Tour

Deep in the Tombstone Mining District. A new tour, the Extreme Tour. Not for the weak, the timid, or the claustrophobic. 550 feet down, then right back up. This is the real deal, this route is only for those who can spend the whole day underground and are physically capable of climbing and crawling through the toughest and most gnarly areas of the Tombstone Mining District. This is not a route for the timid or those who expect something that is tamed down for the general public, this is mine spelunking at its best. We will go as deep as we can go, within about a hundred feet of the water table. This is a physically challenging tour, but the history and the geology you'll see are more than worth the effort


************ RESERVATIONS REQUIRED ************

For Information call (520) 255-5553

Five Person group required

(If your group is not large enough please call and we will try to assemble a group)